How to conduct proper Customer Success Manager onboarding

A Step-by-Step Guide to Effective Customer Success Manager Onboarding: Best Practices and Key Considerations

Effective Onboarding for Customer Success Managers: A Step-by-Step Guide


Onboarding is a crucial process for new hires, particularly for Customer Success Managers (CSMs) responsible for fostering and maintaining client relationships. A well-executed onboarding process lays the foundation for the CSM's success, ultimately influencing the organization's success. This guide outlines a plan for onboarding a Customer Success Manager while leveraging customer success software.

Pre-Onboarding Preparation

A Customer Success Manager being welcomed on their first day

•‎ Assign a mentor or buddy

Select a mentor or buddy who will guide the CSM through the onboarding process and provide support.

•‎ Prepare essential documents

Gather all necessary documents, such as the CSM's job description, employment contract, and other relevant paperwork.

•‎ Set up the work station

Ensure the CSM's work station is equipped with all necessary hardware, software, and access to customer success software.

•‎ Provide system and tool access

Grant the CSM access to crucial systems and tools, including CRM, project management tools, and communication platforms.

•‎ Schedule training sessions and meetings

Organize any required training sessions or meetings with key stakeholders in advance.

Day 1 Onboarding Activities

A mentor or buddy assisting a new CSM

•‎ Welcome and introduction

Provide a warm welcome and introduce the CSM to the team, stakeholders, and executives.

•‎ Company overview

Present an overview of the company's history, values, mission, and culture.

•‎ Introduction to products or services

Explain the CSM's role in managing customer relationships and provide an overview of the company's offerings.

•‎ Workplace orientation

Give an office tour and introduce the CSM to other team members.

•‎ Review of onboarding plan

Discuss the onboarding plan with the CSM and set expectations for the coming weeks.

First Week Activities

A CSM participating in a training session

•‎ Training sessions

Provide training on the company's products or services, customer service techniques, and best practices for client communication.

•‎ Shadowing

Enable the CSM to shadow other team members and observe client interactions.

•‎ CRM training

Ensure the CSM can effectively use the company's CRM system and customer success software.

•‎ Goals and expectations

Establish clear goals and performance expectations and explain how their success will be measured.

•‎ Check-ins

Conduct regular check-ins with the CSM to ensure they are adjusting to the role and have all necessary support.

Ongoing Onboarding

A CSM collaborating with other departments

•‎ Continued training

Offer ongoing training and development opportunities to ensure the CSM has the necessary skills and knowledge for success.

•‎ Performance reviews

Provide feedback and coaching through regular performance reviews with the CSM.

•‎ Cross-functional collaboration

Encourage collaboration with other departments to build strong relationships and ensure the CSM has all necessary information to support customers.

•‎ Culture and values

Reinforce the company's culture and values to ensure the CSM aligns with the organization's mission.


By following this plan for onboarding a Customer Success Manager, you can set your new hire up for success in their role, ultimately impacting the success of your organization.

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