Track one of the most important indicators with ease

Make sure you always understand the current state of your customers with our Health Score metrics

Quick set up process with pre-built templates

Easily implement the system in just a few clicks from our pre-built templates. Start tracking key performance indicators in a visual interface and receive alarms and notifications in case of your customers’ potential churning.

Customize for your business

Expand and adapt the system to your needs: quickly add or remove metrics, and start tracking indicators that fits your business the most.

Our system will automatically adjust scores and percentages depending on your input, or you can contact our support team in case you need any help with setting up the exact Health Score for your particular needs.

Large variety of metrics

Choose from a wide variety of metrics: Product usage, Adoption, Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer support cases, Marketing engagement, and much more.

Assign weights to each metrics based on your company’s priorities.

Automatic ranking

Help your customer success managers to monitor the Health Score of your customers, identify issues, and resolve them as quickly as possible.Cusman’s Health Score system will automatically put customers with low scores at the top of your priority lists, so you never miss any potentially problematic situation with your clients.

Make New Era business with full focus on the clients care with the best partners