Automated personalized outreach on a scale

Do more while wasting less time.

Create automations with Playbooks, send emails to your customers automatically, simplify onboarding, and much more.

Automated Outreach & Playbooks

Easily create automations with Playbooks and start sending automated personalized emails in less than five minutes

Mass mailing

Notify your customers about recent updates and upcoming campaigns, build connections with clients by providing promo codes or discounts, and more.

Our bulk mailing system allows you to deliver important information quickly and reliably, while an easy-to-use interface simplifies all the interactions and reduces the number of steps required to create even the most complex automations.

Personalized messages

Everyone prefers when they are treated as individuals. We've design this part of our system to help you achieve this task.

Personalize messages you send to customers and increase their loyalty with our flexible and highly adjustable system, that allows you to send customizable messages automatically.

Create & use templates

Build your own templates and start sending personalized emails and messages after initial easy and quick set up, or save time and use carefully crafted templates, provided by Cusman.

Get your business operating quicker and let our system handle repetitive tasks. You can come back at any time and adjust templates to better fit your and your clients' needs.

Make New Era business with full focus on the clients care with the best partners