Business automations with Playbooks

Streamline and optimize your business workflows with the help of Playbooks.

Playbooks are sets of rules and actions that you can create and apply to different scenarios, such as onboarding, payments, renewals, and much more.

Increase productivity

Automate repetitive tasks

Create automations once and forget about tedious chores, simplify process of sending confirmation or reminder emails, and more

Boost team’s efficiency

Concentrate on important and interesting tasks and observe increases in your team's productivity

Reach goals quicker

Use automations to create workflows that would free up your valuable time, so you can achieve more goals in less hours

Automatic reminders

Automate the follow-up process with your clients and save time

For example, after sending an invoice, you can set up the system to send a reminder email to a client after a certain period of time.
The email will be personalized and customized according to your preferences, and will look like you wrote it yourself.

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