Customer Success Management Mid - Market

Help you provide white-glove service


Every cllient influences the company’s performance, and growth - CUSMAN will help provide white-glove service.

Automatic repetitive processes have built-in solutions, and you can specify the actions for the system to take.

Health Scores

Thanks to the Health Scores system, you won’t miss a single challenge for your client, and we will help your managers by ranking your customers on the basis of the importance of their problems.

Powerful Features Built for Mid - Market

Customer 360
Automate repetitive processes use ready-made solutions or specify what actions the system will take.
No more chaotic poorly planned actions and lost time - Clear actions thanks to the built-in task manager. Divide team work into projects, track responsibility, and their productivity.
The smart alert system will help you to not miss anything. We have also introduced smart tips so that you always know what each feature means and productively use the service.
Create processes under your control that can be repeated again and again without wasting time.
Team 360
Be fully aware of the work of the team: the most important performance metrics, tasks - all in one place.
Track team performance in numbers: Upsell, Net revenue and others.
Automated outreach
Speed up the work of employees with automation: algorithms are designed to work with the client that you are unable to reach.
Outreach on the scale
Notify all your customers about new products and updates via a personalized e-mail and SMS in just two clicks.

Make New Era business with full focus on the clients care with the best partners