Organize all the work in one place

Distribute the workload between your managers, assign individual tasks, supervise your team from all-in-one user-friendly interface.

Progress tracker

Always stay informed about your team’s productivity, keep an eye on crucial metrics of your managers and team leads, such as churn rate, health score, net revenue, and much more.

With a simple and clean interface you can see all the important data at a glance and quickly help those employees who lag behind.

Communications & Tasks

Create and assign new tasks to individual employees or managers, set due dates and priorities, and track their progress.

Use our built-in communication tools to quickly reach out to your team, leave comments on their current assignments, quickly address any questions, and provide feedback on their work.

Feedback surveys

Use our built-in feedback survey system to evaluate the performances of individuals by their peers, to better determine their strengths and weaknesses.

Use this data to help your employees improve at their job, or assign to them different tasks based on their aptitudes.

Create your own custom surveys, use this feedback system to assess performance of both employees and whole teams, swiftly resolve any interpersonal issues if they arise.

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