Health Scores

Specified indicators

Health Scores are a cumulative metric with varying weights assigned to each customer. This metric allows identifying which customers are currently in a critical state and at risk of churning, and prompts the Customer Success Manager to address their needs in a timely manner.

Provide a quick response

CUSMAN automatically ranks customers with poor scores at the top of the list, allowing Customer Success Managers to quickly identify and address the situation.

Reduce response time and increase manager effectiveness

The manager no longer needs to manually review all customers or filter them based on specific criteria to find out who needs attention at the moment. Everything is automated with just one click, which will increase the manager's productivity and enable them to handle more customers.

Use our pre-made metrics or create your own and customize the system to fit your business

We have taken care of you by creating the necessary metrics in case you have not yet implemented this tool into your business. However, if you already have a sophisticated analytics system, you can fully customize it to fit your business processes.

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